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World Class Mobile Applications on iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry Platforms that Inspire Users, Transform Businesses and Promise Engaging Experiences.

Whether you are just starting out with a great business idea, a medium sized firm or a billion dollar enterprise, if you see Mobile as the next big step and are looking at leveraging the Mobility wave, Oramate Technology is the perfect services partner for you.Oramate Technology offers end-to-end services for mobile application development across all major platforms such as iOS,Android, BlackBerry, Windows and Mobile Web.

We are a team of experienced web and mobile applications developers ready to take your company’s digital offerings to the next level. We have created over 900 mobile applications for our client globally across key verticals such as Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail, Travel, Media and Entertainment, etc. We have access to the latest tools, frameworks and SDKs to develop updated and cutting edge apps.

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Technical Expertise


Android Apps

Within a short span since its launch in 2009, Android has emerged as a leading platform in the mobile market place. No mobile strategy is complete without a fair representation on the Android OS that reaches out to more widely spread Smartphone network. Android offers unprecedented opportunity for personalization, choice and diversity.

Oramate Technology is a leading android applications development company.We have successfully designed and deployed more than 400 android applications with several of them topping the charts in Google Play Store.

Our Android application developers have years of experience in the mobile application development space and have hands on expertise with latest in domain offerings. We are a registered Google Play developer and understand how mobile markets work.


IOS Apps

The popularity of iPhone/iPad is unparalleled and applications on iOS platform with their easy to use features, striking visuals and the pioneering touch interface have completely revolutionized the way we use our mobile phones and handheld devices.

Oramate Technology is a leading provider of iPhone application development services. We have successfully developed over 550 apps on the iOS platform across key verticals such as Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail and . We at Srishti , have the right balance of technical expertise, latest technology tools, proven processes and extensive experience that helps us deliver robust and effective iPhone / iPad solutions.

Our experts team of iPhone application developers have created custom developed iOS applications that have topped the charts and met with phenomenal success at the App Store.


Windows Apps

If you are looking at a viable alternative to Android and iOS applications then the emerging Windows Mobile Platform is just right for you. Windows Phone comes with a high-end operating system that is based on Win 32 API and is power packed with superior features. Windows Mobile Phone Apps are becoming increasingly popular among users.

Equipped with the easy to use ubiquitous Windows OS, Advanced Security and .NET framework for better productivity, Applications built on the Windows Mobile Platforms are fast emerging as the preferred go to market solutions for Businesses.

The skilled and experienced team of developers and tech engineers at Oramate Technology have an in-depth knowhow and a sound background in Application Development on Windows Platform. Our team is well versed with Windows mobile SDK, Visual Studio, .NET compact framework, SQL Server mobile edition in both native and managed programming languages.


Blackberry Apps

BlackBerry has long been recognized as the most favored mobile phone in the corporate circles. This multi-tasking platform designed and developed by RIM is famed for its extensive security system, QWERTY keyboard and blackberry messenger and now for the complete synchronization with Microsoft Exchange, calendar, tasks, notes, and contacts, when used with BlackBerry Enterprise Server. With the intent of stepping out of its corporate persona, BlackBerry has taken up a more consumer-focused approach in recent times.

BlackBerry is expanding its business in the mobile phone arena by launching great, intuitive applications in its BlackBerry app store. These apps are finely designed and hold an appeal in both the corporate and consumer markets.

Oramate Technology offers comprehensive services in creating solutions on the Blackberry platform that leverages on MDS and Java Micro Edition (J2ME) development. The feature-rich, user-centric apps developed by Srishti are intuitive, robust and scalable; improving user engagement and scoring high on increasing business productivity and enhancing consumer entertainment alike.

Our BlackBerry application developers have in-depth knowledge of the BlackBerry enterprise servers, BlackBerry JDE, BlackBerry Widget SKD, BlackBerry Runtime APIs, and similar technologies that are essential for creating a successful BlackBerry application.


Cross Platform Apps

The advent of so many mobile platforms, each with its own user interface, SDKs and different programming languages, has led to drastic fragmentation in the mobile marketplace. The Smartphone market today is filled with a slew of operating systems such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, Microsoft Windows Phone 8, Bada and Tizen. Developing applications for all of these platforms is a challenge. Cross platform mobile apps ease the difficulty a bit as here the code is only written once and then deployed across. Cross platform apps extend the capability of software or hardware to run identically on different platforms allowing the end users to sync and access data on more than one device or platform without converting it to a new format.

Oramate Technology is a leading provider of cross platform solutions. Our rich cross platform app development experience, agile and proven methodology and client centric approach translates to superior performance, faster go-to-market and less cost - Happy customers and increased ROI - for your business. We have a strong track record of creating powerful cross-platform mobile apps using Appcelerator Titanium, PhoneGap, Rhomobile, Corona and other cross-platform frameworks.


Hybrid Apps

Hybrid application development employs native app features and capabilities and also serves to put companies and developers on the path towards the adoption of HTML5 mobile app development. Basically a hybrid app is a native app that runs most, if not all, of its user interface in an embedded browser component. To users, native apps and hybrid are nearly indistinguishable from one another: both are downloaded from a place like Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play, both are stored on a mobile device, and both are launched in the same way. The real difference is on the hybrid app development side by developers. So instead of having developers recode the app from scratch for each mobile platform, they are writing part of the app’s code in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, thus giving them the ability to reuse it across multiple mobile operating systems.

Oramate Technology provides complete end to end hybrid mobile app development solutions. We are able to combine the power of HTML5 development with the latest mobile device frameworks, such as PhoneGap and Sencha, to create native looking apps for all the major mobile platforms like iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile.


Mobile Web Apps

A mobile web application combines the convenience of one touch devices with the flexibility of the web. Mobile web apps are compatible on multiple OS such as iOS, Android and Windows — making it effortless to deliver your content to a massive mobile audience. Mobile web apps can integrate a wide array of content and deliver it in more meaningful ways such as syncing up of the website content with social media feeds, maps, polls, events, and more.

Mobile Web Apps built by Oramate Technology utilize the best in class technology — making the development of the application more cost effective and faster while still delivering users with the feature rich experience and finesse of native applications.

Why Partner with Us?

there are some important points why we are best in providing web solutions

Expertise Skills

Our tech experts are well-equipped with latest development tools, platforms and industry standards to deliver client-centric digital solutions.

Proven Methodology

The experience of working with a diverse client-base and latest technologies has enabled Srishti to adopt best practices and proven methodologies. We use the Agile Methodology to ensure that each one of our projects is a thumping success.

Competitive Pricing

We deliver cost effective digital that ensure highest return on your investment.

Transparency and Open Communication

Our project managers ensure that every update to your project is communicated promptly and seamlessly. You’re involved in every step of the process to make sure that your app’s performance exceeds your expectations.

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