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AOramate Technology is a global provider of business process solutions, strategic consulting and data analytics services to a wide variety of industries including healthcare, financial services, legal, government, publishing, manufacturing, retail and other commercial entities – including more than half of the Fortune 100.

Through our consultative approach, clients achieve high-value business outcomes and experience improved processes, streamlined workflows, reduced cycle times, increased cost efficiencies and enhanced financial performance.Oramate Technology BPO has a proven record in: increasing revenues, reducing costs, improving cash flow and capital utilization, maximizing customer satisfaction, and enhancing the client’s overall competitive position.

Athaf Computers is a global provider of Transaction Processing solutions, strategic consulting and data analytics services that are delivered through innovative technology platforms and offer streamlined workflows based on specific business rules. Our services and solutions result in improved quality and increased efficiency and can be coupled with data analytics that provide critical quantitative insight to enhance business intelligence and support effective decision making. With our comprehensive portfolio of services and our industry-focused expertise, Athaf Computers helps its clients improve profitability and cash flow, achieve higher quality and faster cycle times, and gain superior business focus.

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Consulting Services

By combining our 35 years of experience, we are now offering our independent working capital management and finance transformation advisory service: BancTec Consulting Management Services (CMS). BancTec CMS will assist clients working to institute treasury, risk management and working capital management best practices.

CMS is a logical extension of BancTec's competencies in producing value-based business process transformation solutions. With this exclusive offering, we're delivering additional effective finance and working capital management solutions. We help clients rapidly identify and deploy financial best practices, benchmarking, cost lean-out and process transformation solutions - all to deliver returns in months, not years.

Staffed with industry leaders and specialists, BancTec CMS can instantly bring significant cost-reduction and operational improvement insight to your enterprise. Our exclusive client-partnering skills and finance transformation techniques can result in changing operational finance behaviors from a transactional focus to one of creating quality analysis and decision support for your entire organization.


EOB Processing

All providers - large hospitals, small practices - have the same need: capturing and converting data from Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) accurately and quickly, without increased costs or incessant delays.

Manual EOB entry can create more problems than results. Entering unbelievable volumes of EOB data by hand is time-consuming and leaves ample room for mistakes - what's more, all the payer paperwork is hard to access. And all the hand-entering, managing and moving is a drain on productivity and your bottom line.

EOB Processing service helps you accelerate the process, to improve productivity and lower costs. Electronically captured EOB data means you instantly have access to the claim data you need. It gives you unprecedented full life-cycle control of documents. Now it's easy to validate data, accurately balance procedural charges, claim totals and EOB totals, review discrepancies, verify items line by line to match original claims. Let BancTec take care of capturing and converting your EOBs - so you can pay attention to more important and profitable jobs, like discrepancy resolution, and faster payment processing.


Medical Records

Oramate Technology offers high-volume scanning and conversion services (onsite or offsite) that save time and personnel costs, automate processes, save space, and reduce the need for equipment investment. Our use of the latest technology partnered with our breadth of experience ensures your conversion project will be done correctly and delivered on-time and on-budget.

Quality management processes guarantee high-speed, accurate scanning, indexing, storing or shipment of critical documents and media, either onsite or to and from your business. We also provide the flexibility to accommodate your day-to-day routine workflow or manage the most complex conversion projects.

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Expertise Skills

Our tech experts are well-equipped with latest development tools, platforms and industry standards to deliver client-centric digital solutions.

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The experience of working with a diverse client-base and latest technologies has enabled Srishti to adopt best practices and proven methodologies. We use the Agile Methodology to ensure that each one of our projects is a thumping success.

Competitive Pricing

We deliver cost effective digital that ensure highest return on your investment.

Transparency and Open Communication

Our project managers ensure that every update to your project is communicated promptly and seamlessly. You’re involved in every step of the process to make sure that your app’s performance exceeds your expectations.

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