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Business Intelligence initiative in the right direction.

Whether looking to do a complete business intelligence implementation or BI consulting assistance with such open source technologies as Jaspersoft, Hadoop and MongoDB, Appnovation has the skills-sets and experience to make sure your business intelligence initiative will move in the right direction.

Appnovation provides several ways to implement an open source business intelligence solution in your organization. Our BI implementation experts are very knowledgeable and able to leverage their vast open source technology implementation expertise to deliver a system that can meet your business and decision making needs.

Appnovation business intelligence consulting services can help your company optimize your business intelligence systems. From data warehousing and analysis to reporting and visualization, our BI consultants can manage and deliver your engagement.

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Technical Expertise


Big Data Analytics

Today’s data processing systems require batch and real-time processing capabilities to effectively support a business. Newer technology and tools are available but most businesses are unsure of which exactly to use. Distributed processing systems like Hadoop can perform large-scale batch processing on huge volumes of data but may not be suitable for real-time analytics due to performance lags. Our Big Data services are focused on providing a wholesome solution to business problems using the right set of tools.

Lambda Architecture

This a layered approach to achieve near real-time view on an entire dataset. This is not a solution in itself. At QBurst, we essentially map the requirements to the right set of tools to come up with an optimal data processing system.

In-memory solutions for real-time insights

Speed of knowledge delivery can make a huge difference in business decisions. We build read-write in-memory solutions using databases such as Redis, HSQLDB to ensure low latency where required. Distributed memory caching can be implemented in cases where information retrieval alone needs to be speeded up.


Data Visualization and Publishing

Data visualization is a powerful way to simplify the complexity of analysis - whether you are measuring past performance or extracting insights to drive future product and operational decisions.

See, Understand, Share

Tools, such as Tableau, can display results combining data from different sources. These representations make it easier to recognize patterns, trends, and outliers facilitating further querying and exploration of the data. Collaboration capabilities ensure people at all levels of the organization can access and derive value from the data.

Visualization Tools

We use industry standard and leading data visualization tools to generate multiple types of charts, graphs, and reports on the analyzed data.

  • Tableau
  • Pentaho
  • Highcharts, Leaflet, Ext JS & D3

Social Media Analytics

Our social media tool helps you analyze your followers to generate sentiment reports and social-reach metrics.SecondSight captures the essence; real sentiments behind everything your customers have to say about your business, product, or service. The tool uses a unique combination of technology and human intelligence to extract subjective information that are most relevant to your business, from your social conversations.

The tool takes advantage of human judgment, interpretation, and accuracy while analyzing conversations that no computer algorithms can match.Consider the case where someone tweets: “My new iPhone is the bomb!” An algorithm would simply categorize it as negative as the keyword here indicates an explosive device. In reality, the tweet is a reflection of a highly satisfied customer. A well-trained workforce behind the tool simply rules out the possibility of such misinterpretations turning into bigger problems.

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Expertise Skills

Our tech experts are well-equipped with latest development tools, platforms and industry standards to deliver client-centric digital solutions.

Proven Methodology

The experience of working with a diverse client-base and latest technologies has enabled Srishti to adopt best practices and proven methodologies. We use the Agile Methodology to ensure that each one of our projects is a thumping success.

Competitive Pricing

We deliver cost effective digital that ensure highest return on your investment.

Transparency and Open Communication

Our project managers ensure that every update to your project is communicated promptly and seamlessly. You’re involved in every step of the process to make sure that your app’s performance exceeds your expectations.

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